Monday, March 5, 2012

My Monday: Sorry Friday, nothing personal

It's another Monday! I've had to force my Monday excitement a little bit lately, but it's a habit I refuse to give up. Sometimes it's important to develop a habit even when all you want to do is sit on the couch eating pizza and peanut m&ms (and yes, I'm speaking from very recent experience). Most people love Fridays, but not me (except for Shabbat). In all of these months that we've been looking for new opportunities I have come to resent the glaring reality of Fridays. All week long we hope to hear some good news--maybe a job interview or some tiny bit of progress--and then Friday rolls around with little news. Each week I throw so many hopes and expectations at my Friday, thinking that finally good news will reach us, and then at the end of another week with nothing to show for it, it can be hard to stomach. Sorry, Friday, nothing personal. But we need Monday. Its potential is our lifeline. It carries us.

This is what my Monday looked like:
  • I walked Alyce to school, one of my absolute favourite Monday activities. Nothing gets me excited quite like the fresh start of a new school week.
  • We sold the minivan. A second car isn't a necessity for us, and since we hope to move back to Toronto this year, we wouldn't have wanted it there anyway. I tried parallel parking that thing a few weekends ago, and it wasn't pretty.
  • Shira had roughly 398 tantrums related to nursing. I am now spending some time thinking about how to manage my boundaries when it comes to breastfeeding my toddler. Because nursing at the car dealership while signing paperwork? Not really that much fun.
  • I watched Shira cover herself in sparkly butterfly stickers. 
  • Ate pizza for dinner with Matt (see above). Delicious.
  • Working on my course design. I haven't taught this course in over a year and already I feel like that old person returning to work, gawking in amazement at all things the new kids are doing. I have a lot of work to do.
  • I've been dreaming about our future, and that feels good. 

How was your Monday? I'd love to know. Do you think differently on Mondays?


  1. Monday used to be the most stressful day of my week because I had to singlehandedly get myself and three kids under the age of six out the door, leave my screaming toddler at the daycare without bawling myself, and get to work. The worst of the stress was over by 8:15, but it started building on Sunday. Then my mom offered to keep my youngest at home on Mondays and's easy! I love seeing my students after a few days spiffy haircuts or loose teeth to show off! Sweet as pie. Have you heard that song, Ciao Monday? Is it Em Gryner that sings it? I like it. I like Mondays, too.

  2. That does sound stressful. I've always been grateful that we've never had to do rush the kids out to daycare and school. We'll need to do that soon enough, but for now we are lucky. How nice that your mum can help!

    Glad your Mondays are now made up of better things now!