Friday, February 21, 2014

On writing it down

Friends, time has either stopped or raced by me, I can't quite decide. One day I'm writing almost daily about my small world, and the next it's been months and months since I've taken the time to document a few pieces about life with my family. I am terribly sad not to have posted more than a few times in the past (almost) year, though I'm not really surprised. Since I'm a full-time student, part-time instructor, chaotic parent, wife to a very patient spouse, and generally-slightly-overwhelmed human, it isn't quite a shock that I have very little time at the end of my day to write. And why do I miss it so much? Because it makes me still.

Writing a post forces me to stop, drop, and roll look, and listen. It is an invitation to pause and consider my days with just a little bit of quiet. Oh, how I miss that! I am missing the chance to share what I have learned about my girls in the past months, or what makes me sad or grateful or delighted. Documenting my life as a parent, wife, future midwife, baker, and person in the world forces me to think, even if playfully, about the things I love most in life. Even when it's only my mum who reads my posts, I feel as though I've given some of the moments in my day the pause that they deserve.

The other thing? Life moves quickly. I've been reading through the archives here lately and I'm stunned at how much the girls have grown and how many adventures we've been on (adventurous to us, at least). Can you believe that Shira used to be a baby, and that Alyce once didn't know how to read or build her own snowman? Or that Matty and I used to live in another country, and that there was a time when I wasn't a student midwife? Because I can't. Having these posts as pieces of evidence for all the days that have come before today is a bit magical. In other words, I'm selfish. Writing this blog allows me to navel-gaze in the best possible way.

So much time has passed, but I have returned. I want to feel selfish again and make a few notes about how Alyce lost her first tooth in December and how Shira wrote her name for the first time. I want to write about what a challenge it is to adjust to new jobs and new dreams. I hope you'll join me, stay awhile, and let me know how you're doing, too.

Be well.