About Danielle

Hello, I'm Danielle! I write most days i win because I want to share my own joys and struggles as I live in this crazy world. I write honestly about my goals and how challenging it can be to make the changes I want to make in order to the live the life I want. I share these with you because I hope my own struggles will inspire/encourage/entertain you as you go about your own path through life. I also love the conversations that get started when we share with each other.

I live in Toronto, Canada, with my partner, Matthew, and our two daughters, Alyce and Shira. I also live with four (too many) cats. When I'm not going on about things here, I'm also a student midwife, busy learning about how to help folks give birth to their babies! (And the answer is, yes, it's the best job in the world.) In the evenings you'll find me knitting, learning to quilt, and watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy. 

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