Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And her head burst into a million tiny rainbows

Hello, everyone. Is your day a good one so far? At our house we are currently devouring some new library books. We go to the library every week, but today Alyce and Shira finally got their own library cards! These kinds of details make me very happy, I don't know about you. After some mooning around the children's library in search of a princess book, Alyce was delighted when the librarian found the very last one on the returns cart. And it wasn't just a princess book--it was a Princess Encyclopedia. Her head almost exploded into a million tiny rainbows.

Of course when we got home, it was Shira's Richard Scary book that caught her attention. I love how she can get lost in the pages of almost any book. That's how I left her when it was time to put Shira down for her nap, absorbed in the adventures of her book. I remember how hard it used to be when Shira was a newborn and it seemed I couldn't pay Alyce to give me some time alone to nurse her to sleep. Now she has books.

Speaking of nursing and naps, Shira has turned against me. She is asking to nurse at least every hour during the day and at the same time has decided that she no longer enjoys napping. My Shira's day revolves around a long afternoon nap. She wakes up long before the sun, usually at five, and is exhausted by the time noon rolls around. For some of you noon is only a few hours after breakfast, but at our house we've already done enough to fill an entire day. So, my little Shira, I do not approve of this development. Little one, you need your rest. And please, please stop banging your head against the wall in protest. No matter how badly you want to join us downstairs, that can't feel good (and I hope you are now enjoying your crib's new position in the centre of your room). I can see how tired she is, but she's fighting it.

Isn't it always the same? We work so hard to help our children find some sort of routine, whether it's napping or eating or getting dressed, and then when they dare to change and grow out of that routine, we fight tooth and nail against it. Sometimes I feel as though they are breaking some official rule whenever they change their behaviour and I find myself yelling in my head, No fair! I like it this way! Stop growing older. Quit changing the rules. We feel as though we put our time in learning the old routine, hours of establishing good napping habits, for instance, and now we want our returns. I think Shira is upstairs laughing at me right now as I type this, because of course she'll change the rules. And I will try my best to keep up with her.

P.S. Alyce is dying for spring. Here is her offering. May your spring also be filled with owls, butterflies, rain boots and polka dot dresses!

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