Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm not the only one

I discovered a new blog last week and it's a good one. Besides my general coveting of her New York City life (it is on my list, you know), it seems we are both in the same position of trying to find work, with a humanities degree in our pockets and some beautiful children to show for our time off. Among other things, nyc taught me is a place for Sharon to chronicle her job search, and share some of the tips she's received along the way. So in other words, rather than just complain about not finding work, she's actually doing something (in my defense, however, my complaining comes from a place of needing to pay rent)! When I read Sharon's opening description of her job search I realized we were kindred spirits:

My newest lesson: NYC Taught me that no one wants to hire anyone without professional experience.  The real kicker for me today was when I got rejected from a temp agency. I get it. I've wasted my twenties by having babies. But look at how good I am at it! I'm a baby making machine!
Find the rest of her post here.
So please do check it out and send your best job thoughts to the both of us!

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