Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My List

Maggie over at Mighty Girl started a little list. She's inspired more than a few people, myself included. I've been writing out this list for a few months and I've already been able to scratch a few things off. It feels good. Very good. 

100 things I want to do in my life. In no particular order.

1.  Have more children
2.  Become a midwife.
3.  Master pie crusts
4.  Spend one year in Israel
5.  Learn to knit sweaters for my girls
6.  Write my grandmother’s story
7.  Go sailing
8.  Create a workable household budget
9.  Take a vacation with just my husband. Anywhere. Before the children are in college.
10. Write a blog
11. Plan a weekend away with my best girlfriends
12. Build a Habitat for Humanity house
13.   Attend a film festival
14.  Dance again
15. Take a cooking class
16. Complete the fast on Yom Kippur
17.  Make a quilt for Alyce and Shira to share on the couch
18. Visit a haunted house
19. Get a dog
20. Go to Greece with my mum
21.  Learn a group sport
22. Take Alyce to her first dance class
23. Visit the Museum of Natural History in NYC
24. Learn Hebrew
25. Bake my own bread every week
26.  Learn how to take a great photo with a great camera
27. Take a first-aid class for kids
28. Get a bicycle
29. Help my girls prepare for their Bat Mitzvahs
30. Walk somewhere every day
31. Live in NYC
32. Keep a small garden alive for an entire season
33. Get that root canal done that I’ve been avoiding
34. Find a babysitter and go on long date with Matt
35. Learn how to can things like jam and tomato sauce
36. Take a sewing class
37.  Attend a fabulous party
38. Rent a house on the beach with lots of friends and children
39.  Join a CSA
40. Attend a writing retreat
41.Visit a good nutritionist
42. Eat French food in France
43. Attend the Final Four with Matt
44. Paint some furniture red
45. Run a 10K
46. Learn Talmud
47. Have a picnic once a week between May and August
48. Eat Italian food in Italy
49. Attend a regular yoga class
50. Create a birthday list so that I never miss the birthday of someone I love
51. Fly a kite
52. Sew a dress for all the girls in our house (myself included)
53. Explore castles and churches in England with Nicola
54. Learn to make tortellini from scratch
55. Find a the perfect pair of boots
56. Take my children to the ocean
57. Host a fabulous dinner party
58. Learn to speak French again
59. Plant a garden filled with tulips
60. Volunteer my time with mothers-to-be and mothers who need some extra help
61. Attend a concert in Central Park
62. Take a wine tour in France
63. Paint a mural
64. Find a way to make beans so delicious that Matt will eat them
65. Teach Alyce and Shira how to ride a bike
66. Build a tree house
67. Develop a yoga practice
68. Learn to cook with hot peppers
69. Spend time on a farm
70. Take a road trip with just Alyce
71. Take a road trip with just Shira
72. Take a road trip with just Matt
73. See Regina Spektor play live
74. Hang my pots from the kitchen ceiling
75. Find the perfect breakfast tea
76. Write a poem
78. Visit Amsterdam
79. Prepare for my own Bat Mitzvah
80. Read Harry Potter to my girls
81. Make ice cream
82. Swim in the Mediterranean
83. Overcome my fear of spiders
84. Then visit a rainforest
85. Write a letter to everyone who is important to me and tell them how much I love them
86. Learn to play chess
87. Volunteer at a museum
88. Make a Sunday brunch ritual
89. Read ten biographies
90. Organize my recipes
91. Take a drama class
92. Spend an entire day at a spa
93. Find the perfect black dress and pearls
94. Go apple picking
95. Win a costume contest
96. Climb a tree
97. Save for rainy day
98. Spend an entire day in bed
99. Stand in a waterfall
100. Say thank you everyday

Do you have a list? If so, post a link in the comments. I'm a bit of a Nosy Parker.


  1. I love your number 53! :-)

    ...and I just might be able to help you with number 75, too.

  2. Not sure about making my own list, but I like yours!