Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Countdown to summer vacation

Summer begins Friday afternoon at 3:30. Of course we've already had weeks of hot weather and enough ice cream to last an entire season, and did I mention the popsicles? But tomorrow marks Alyce's last day of school, as in we are about to embark on our first real summer vacation. Alyce is now a kid who counts down the days until summer holidays, making lists (because she's my daughter, after all) of all the things we will do this summer. Her current list includes eating ice cream and popsicles, drinking lemonade, swimming, playing with Shira, and going to the beach. My list, in case anyone is asking, includes unpacking in our new apartment, getting reacquainted with one of my favourite cities, mornings at the Riverdale Farm, iced green tea, and dragging my girls on some rather excellent road trips. (Shira's list? Breastfeeding, mostly. And probably ice cream.)

Our summers are framed in a whole new way now, at least until the girls are done school in many, many (many) years. Alyce seems to have grown up in the last few months, and I know all parents say that at least five times a year, but I mean it, she's older. I find myself in conversations with her that just don't happen with your baby. Why do we have blood? How long would it take to walk to Africa? When I finish this ice cream can I have another one? This leaves me wondering what this means for our summer at home together. I don't know almost five-year-olds (I've just barely figured out just turned four-year-olds). But I'm grateful that the three of us will make our own fun this summer, not having to worry about day camps and daycare and all those challenges that come with two working-outside-the-home parents.

Friday is her last day of school and I'm sure I'll be back here then to ask you how it's possible that Alyce already has one year of school under her tiny belt. I'll probably tell you that it's been a really hard year in so many ways but that through everything taken such joy in watching my Alyce burst out into the world. A world of her own. But I'll wait until Friday, you'll see. For now this is all I'm saying: summer is almost here. So grab your lemonade, find a hammock, and enjoy.

How will you spend your summer?

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  1. I would like to join you at Riverdale Farm one day!