Sunday, June 24, 2012

Resetting for a good Monday

The last week has swallowed me whole and I feel lucky to have made it to the other side. No, nothing monumental is taking place, just a busy life and a busy family (just like you). But at the end of a week such as this one I'm ready for a new start. It isn't that this past week was bad by any means, but I'm just in need of a good reset. For the sake of lists, let's review the past few days:
  • visits to the park
  • building a house for the summer fairies (thanks to the inspiration over Knitty Gritty Homestead)
  • flower picking
  • Shabbat dinner
  • grading papers
  • grading more papers
  • birthday parties of best school friends
  • planning cookie-baking for Alyce's farewell Kindergarten picnic (no, it can't possibly already be the end of her first school year)
  • even more grading
  • taking Alyce on a date to see Brave, a movie I hope to tell you about later this week
  • packing
  • farmer's market
  • dinner with family I don't see as often as I'd like

And here is what we have lined up for this week:
  • more packing
  • more grading
  • date with friends for treasure-hunting (I'll fill you in later)
  • doctor's appointment I've been avoiding for months out of sheer laziness
  • Alyce's last week of school
  • some baking for a special thank-you package
  • adjusting to the realities of a very big move in one short week!

Was it a good weekend for you?

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