Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Public Service Announcement: Go on a date with your four year old

I had some time off today (or, I took some time) and decided to take Alyce out on a date. She had a doctor's appointment late in the afternoon and I saw this as an opportunity for some me and Alyce time, since bringing Shira to a one-hour appointment seemed like a world-class terrible idea. So I grabbed Alyce and we headed out for a little shopping and some hot chocolate. At Old Navy (obviously) I assigned her the role of shopping coordinator as I looked for some pants. Try as she did, I was unsuccessful in my search, even after she gushed about how beautiful my jeans looked. If only. But you'll be pleased to know that she found herself a new pink dress and stripy leggings (pictured above), so the day was, for her, a win-win.

She was upset that we weren't getting a dress for Shira, too, but somehow she moved on.

Our next stop was a diaper store where we did shop for Shira, picking up a couple of new diapers to add to her collection. We started cloth diapering with about 20 diapers, and it seems that we should have started with more, because most of them are no longer absorbing (having been washed every day or every other day for 18 months). So we are rebuilding our collection with some new diapers and inserts. Yes, my life is just that interesting.*

At the doctor's office Alyce was easy going on account of my promise that there were no needles today. In return for this wonderful news, she was delightful and patient (doctor's words) during a very, very long appointment. She was irritated by all the questions, but ecstatic when the doctor finally pulled out her stethoscope and ear-ometer (our official name for that thing doctors use to peer inside our ears). Everything turned out well at the doctor's, which makes it a great date already.

We ended our date with a hot chocolate at Starbucks (for her) and a coffee (for me). You might notice that Alyce is wearing something different in the first photo, even though the photos were taken only five minutes apart. That's very observant of you to notice, and if you are a parent you might have already guessed that her change in clothing was a result of her spilling an entire cup of hot chocolate down her dress and tights. Poor thing, it was bound to happen. Thankfully her hot chocolate was made child-friendly, and the temperature wasn't scalding. And thankfully again was the fact that we just so happened to have a new pink dress and stripy leggings from Old Navy in the car, so that she could step out of her hot chocolate covered clothes. Things just have a way of working out.

I think the best part of our day together, however, was when I tucked her into bed tonight. I told her, as I always do, that I wish her sweet dreams. She whispered back to me (since Shira was already asleep in her crib) that she was going to dream of ice cream! And mermaids! And unicorns!

And that, everyone, is why dating your four year old is such a lovely thing to do.

That concludes our PSA. I wish you all the sweetest dreams. What do you think you'll dream about tonight?

*And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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