Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Five things

1. It takes me and Alyce approximate 789 minutes to walk to school. It is two blocks away. I have recently found myself home in the mornings and I've jumped at the chance to take Alyce to school. I love that we can walk, but I need to face facts and make myself get ready a bit earlier. No matter how I spin it, there is no way that Alyce will make it to school in time if we only give ourselves ten minutes. I once looked after a boy who was always late for school every day (by twenty or thirty minutes) and I swore I would always get my kids to school on time. I think it sets a standard for the day, kind of like making your bed.

2. It is a very cold January day, which you might not have realized since Alyce did not wearing her mittens on our walk this morning. Her reason? She gave none. I guess being four is reason enough.

3. I'm heading out in a few minutes to sign us up for a family membership at the YMCA. Matt and I have become rather sloth-like in our year of job searching, and we need to find some energy. The girls have plenty of energy, but we think they'll like some regular access to the pool.

4. I purchased a bathing suit this morning, in honour of my new quest to work this body of mine. I did not enjoy buying a bathing suit. In fact, I would like never to do that again. The end.

5. On a sad note, a young colleague from my former doctoral program passed away this week. He was intelligent, curious, and a good friend to many. I wish all of his family and friends some comfort this week. This is just such terrible news.

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