Saturday, January 21, 2012

Which one do you like best?

She was a brave soul, even undergoing an extra shot since we had to make up the difference between the American and Canadian vaccine schedule. But the most important part of her check-up, even more germane than the fact that both Matt and I are thrilled with our new doctor, or the fact that Alyce has reached the fortieth percentile since her first few months on this planet (she usually hovers between the tenth and fifteenth), was that she received not one, but two Dora band-aids.

She has probably asked us 40,983 times which ones we like best. She has also flat-out refused to wear sleeves, for obvious reasons. I think I like the one with the rainbow best, but I'm also partial to the fish on the other. Alyce likes them both.

Finding a new doctor, after all the emotions that came with discovering that our former doctor had been charged with possessing and producing child porn, has made our week even better. I want nothing more than to trust the people who look after our children, to give them the space to do their job. Our new doctor is warm, accessible, and has worked with enough children to know that there wasn't a chance that Shira, who joined Alyce for her check-up, was going to leave that office without a Dora band-aid of her own.

I wanted to say thank you, one more time, to the director of our previous medical clinic, who found us a female replacement doctor so quickly, and for taking my concerns about Dr. Speight seriously. I wish her and her clinic all the best.

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  1. My kids' vaccinations are overdue. Oops. Thanks for the reminder! And tell Alyce I like the rainbow Dora bandaid best...