Tuesday, November 8, 2011

There are always two of them

I didn't grow up with a sibling. So when I hear Alyce declare loudly that Shira must also play princess, and that they must both be Cinderella, I'm sort of speechless. When I watch Shira eagerly follow her big sister around the house, happy to put on whatever costume is necessary as long as she can be included, I watch and learn. And when Alyce throws her entire body weight down on Shira's head because she just wants to "give Shira a hug," I wince and try to take it as it comes. For the most part I can delight in the development of big and little sister, take both of them in my lap and enjoy these tiny people. But soon, probably sooner than I realize, they two sisters are going to realize that power that comes in numbers, they're going to smell my vulnerability, and they are going to take me down.

P.S. Speaking of sisters, have you heard? Dreamy.

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