Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Go Sooners

Guess who has a blog? Let me be more specific: guess who has a blog about the Oklahoma Sooners basketball team and various other college basketball gossip? My husband, that's who, and he is very excited to share his obsession passion with the internet. His new blog, Moving Without the Ball, is wonderful, especially if you happen to know anything about the Sooners (note: I'm not entirely sure I know what a sooner is). Here's just a sample of what you'll find over there:

What, then, can we learn about the stylistic preferences of OU’s new coach? There is no simple template for winning--except, perhaps, scoring inside the arc, limiting 2 pt. field goals on defense and corraling defensive boards--and consequently playing fast or slow on, high pressure or restrained on defense, tells us very little. It is how those stylistic choices are designed and implemented by the coaching staff and executed by young men in the their late teens or early twenties.

Can you believe it? Can you even understand it? I'm so proud of him. Matt is the sort to regularly fall asleep at night clutching some hot-off-the-presses book on basketball statistics, and it's about time he joined the larger conversation online. Now I happen to be an excellent basketball-watching spouse, and I'll happily knit watch a game almost any night of the week, but Matt needs more. He needs the internet.

So head on over and say hello! He's very friendly and soon to be my favourite blogger, I'm sure.

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