Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For my littlest one

I finished it. I finally finished it. I started this blanket as my second-ever knitting project with the help of my friend, Heidi, and I'm so happy with it. It's taken me months to finish, but Shira finally has her very own blanket. There is something awfully lovely about making something for another person, and something extra lovely about making something for your baby. I think she likes it.

Now to begin the next project!

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  1. Violet never had a "blankie" until Margot was born; a friend gave us a little knitted baby blankie for the baby...but Violet (who was not yet 2) claimed it as hers. It was pale blue. It is now grey and still a must-have accessory for bedtime, movies, and all outings. Margot has one, too. I hope your stitches become your little one's favourite blankie, too. Love the colours and the hominess (homey-ness?) of garter stitch. Well done!