Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daily communication

Matt and I used to spend a lot of time together. Between the flexible hours of his previous job and my staying at home with The Children, we rarely spent time apart. Now that I'm back at work (at my temp job for now), we've had to change how we communicate. No longer able to just wander in the kitchen for a conversation, now, with thanks to our beloved iphones, we send texts and photos back and forth all day long. Matt sends me updates about his day and photos of Alyce and Shira (do you like her new winter coat?), and I send him photos of recipes I write down on post-its, hoping he'll start dinner before I get home. As mundane as our messages can be, they keep me sane. I need the reminder right now, that some things haven't changed. When my life feels so upside-down, I rely on these constant little messages from home. We're still here. You're missed. Alyce just asked for her millionth snack. Where are Shira's boots? I receive these details on my phone and all feels right in the world. 

What keeps you sane when you're away from home? Do you want Matt to send you messages, too?

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