Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I am feeling right now

  Shira deals with all these transitions.

Things I am feeling right now:

Exhausted from a rotten cold.

Frustrated by my bumpy transition into office/data entry life.

A little beside myself with how much I miss The Children when I'm gone for ten hours every day.

Saddened that I only saw Alyce for 24 minutes today.

Happy that birthday week is coming up.

Full of pizza.

I've got lots to tell you about my first week at my new job, but that will have to wait. For now, I must sleep, and get excited about the weekend coming up! I've never before understood just how vital the weekend is until now. Now, I get it. I'm all over it. Bring on the weekend.

What do you have planned for the weekend? Do you have any suggestions to offer this weekend novice on how to make the most of my two days of freedom?

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  1. Here it is: don't overplan it. We always feel like we have to plan something FUN for the weekend. And then we're crabby and exhausted, there are bags to unpack, and we don't feel restored for the week ahead. So.
    On Friday, we rent two movies; one for the family, one for us. We eat pizza in front of the tv, and cuddle on the couch. This is definitely a highlight in our children's lives. Not exactly a waldorf "rhythm" but loved all the same...kind of the official unwinding! Saturday, we all go outside and do work...rake leaves, pile wood, whatever (the kids mostly play). Sunday we often visit with family or friends. We think the kids want to be home, to stay in the pjs, to not comb their hair. Heck, that's what I want to do, too!
    Sometimes I resent that life forces us to save up only two days a week for fun/family/relaxation. But haven't figured out an alternative yet. Enjoy your weekend!! Just hold your kids, say yes, read lots of stories, kiss their little arms and faces and hands...I only work part time and I certainly miss my kids, too.