Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ten quick things

1. At Starbucks this morning, they gave me a free Americano (double, lots of room. milk), for no reason. An auspicious start to my day.

2. I'm currently watching game five of the ALDS with my husband. I'm going for the Yankees, but only because I have a crush on NYC.

3. I voted in the Ontario provincial election today.

4. Hille (the cat) is snoring loudly. May his dreams be filled with giant bowls of cereal milk and potato chips, his two favourite things.

5. I'm thinking about the pies I need to make for Thanksgiving dinner this weekend. Apple and pumpkin.

6. Did I tell you that my good friend in Seattle broke her ankle last week in a daring act of heroism? Well, she did. And she has two little ones the same age as Alyce and Shira. And it's her driving foot. I really wish we lived closer so that I could help her, as I'm sure she's already over the deep end. Also, it wasn't so much an act of heroism as it was a misstep on the stairs, but still. It's broken.

7. Chocolate chips cookies are so delicious. Especially these ones. They are all gone, sorry.

8. I'm hoping the weather cools down a bit because October is supposed to be Fall. With a chill in the air, not a blazing sun in the air.

9. I picked up a Stephen King book from the library this week, because October is also supposed to be just a little bit scary.

10. Tomorrow I will buy a fig and I will try that fig. I'll report back.


  1. Thanks for the shout out...if only I were more exciting. Thank goodness for my MIL but yes, there are a few in the house teetering over the diving board! One week down, 5 to go. pie but I'm making a devine pumpkin cake! Wish you were here to indulge!

  2. Pumpkin cake?! Sounds delicious. Are you making Canadian Thanksgiving?

    I hope you're managing way over there with your broken bone. I've been sending you many, many good thoughts. xxxx