Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Head in the sand

I'm having a tough few weeks on the job hunt. It's been three months of searching and so far nothing. I'll be complaining more about that later, but for now I wanted to show off how I distracted myself yesterday. Alyce and I escaped to Centre Island in Toronto with our friend Heather and baby P, and it was glorious. Heather and I were both very happy to spend a day walking, swimming, and eating ice cream (ahem, husbands). Originally I had planned to bring Shira, too, but in the end it seemed like a great opportunity to have an Alyce date. We need those a lot more than we get them. Plus, it was Alyce's first time 1) on a ferry, 2) swimming in a lake, and 3) having an enormous brownie and an chocolate ice cream cone in the same afternoon, and I wanted to enjoy that all to myself (except for maybe that last one).

Do you know what's magical? Watching a little one discover waves for the first time, standing next to her as her feet disappear in the wet sand, and giggling alongside her as she stands astounded by her own bravery in standing armpit-deep in the lake. Do you know what else is magical? Her falling asleep on the ferry back to the city, stealing one of her first naps in OVER A YEAR.

It was strangely quiet.

P.S. I had to sneak in one photo of Heather and baby P, mostly just to offer evidence of the world's squishiest baby legs.

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