Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sometimes I hoard the internet

I spend, ahem, a lot of time online. I steal little moments from my day when I can find them: nursing, waiting in long lines, standing in the kitchen waiting for water to boil. Maybe this sounds familiar? I know it does to my husband, who I will almost always find standing in the middle of a room, iphone in hand, scanning Twitter or Google Reader for some monumental breakthrough in sports analysis.

Because I'm often accessing these gems of the internet here, there and everywhere, I usually want to keep something for later, when I will have more time to think about a recipe or if I just want to let someone's idea simmer around in my brain for a little while before I read their post again. These are the reasons I'm offering for the fact that all my phone is constantly filled with open tabs and bookmarks, threatening to drown all other data from my phone (I don't actually know if this might happen, but I'm a worrier).

So in an extraordinary act of cleaning house, here are the interesting things that have caught my attention in the last couple of weeks:

A knitting tutorial on how to weave in your ends. As a novice knitter, this is perfect!

This raspberry scone recipe had me at hello.

Kale and honeydew? Yes, please.

A post about restarting your engine when things feel heavy.

It's also good to remind yourself (for the first or tenth time) about some very important lessons.

Sometimes I start nagging myself about my lack of Phd-completing. Then I read this.

Good. I feel a bit lighter now.

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