Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A morning bed

There is something so delicious about having your little ones crawl into bed with you. Between five-thirty and six in the morning, Alyce will whisper (sometimes very loudly), "is it morning time yet?" For most other people? Decidedly not. For us? It sure is.

I adore having our privacy back now that we have a third bedroom: Shira is sleeping through the night in her own room and I'm able to return to some of my favourite habits, like falling asleep, book in hand, lamps shining bright. There is something so wonderfully lazy about falling asleep with a lamp on, especially when you know that a lovely someone* will be coming to bed soon and do all that work of turning off your light for you. But one of the best things about having our own bed is being able to invite those two little girls under the covers with us in the morning. Recently we've started reading a book together first thing in the morning, and sometimes Shira tries to nurse and turn around to see the pages at the same time. She's a multitasker, that one.

*Now that lovely someone is Matt, though in university those lovely someones were my roommates, Barbara and Kaylie. One time Kaylie came in my room, having noticed that my light was still on, and as she turned off my lamp I woke up from the dream I was having. In this wonderful dream I was about to get personal with Michael Hutchence from INXS (as he looked when Kick was released in 1987), and as I woke up and saw Kaylie in my room I was more than annoyed that she was interrupting an obvious match made in heaven. For a few minutes I really did think that me, Kaylie, and Michael Hutchence were in my tiny bedroom.  I can only imagine her confusion.


  1. You were very lucky that you did not confuse Kaylie for Michael Hutchence.

  2. Kaylie is very, very thankful especially.