Monday, July 18, 2011

Happiest kid ever

Matt and I took Alyce to her first ever movie theatre movie today. I love going the movies (I know, I know, it's so expensive, but I adore it) and I've been waiting about three and a half years to take Alyce to her first movie. When I saw the preview for the new Winnie-the-Pooh, I knew it was time. We told her last night about our date, hoping to give her enough warning so that watching an enormous screen in a darkened room wouldn't leave her shaking in a corner somewhere, and she woke up this morning, put on her second-best party dress (her best dress was reserved for Declan, who is now four), and was ready to go. She only had to wait seven more hours until showtime!

We had the greatest time. Alyce wanted to know why the chairs were bendy (a fair question), but otherwise parked herself down, no (more) questions asked. She enjoyed popcorn, a few peanut m&ms, and a wonderful movie. Matt and I also enjoyed ourselves so much, laughing more than we imagined we would, both at the movie and at the three year old sitting between us, crunching her popcorn like a big kid. On the drive home, seeming less like a big kid, Alyce cried because she wants to go the movies every day. You and me both.

Watching Winnie-the-Pooh on the big screen today made me feel that good kind of lazy. It was such a treat.

 I broke about sixteen movie theatre laws taking this photo, but it was worth it.

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