Sunday, June 26, 2011

A little brave

I was awfully brave this weekend. First, I tagged along with my grandparent in search of garage sales. My grandmother is a connoisseur of garage sales (and by that I mean that she spends months finding gems at garage sales so that she can sell them at her own super-garage sale some day) and I stuck out like the novice that I am. She pointed out more than once that she would have only offered a quarter for what I offered fifty cents. For shame. Nevertheless she has taken me under her wing as I seek to rebuild the household we left behind. We're moving into a new place this week and we need more than a few things. Ok, we need almost everything. So it is with this commitment to finding lamps and dressers (and barbie horses, as I did this weekend) that led me to spend a morning driving around Cambridge with my grandparents, who bickered, argued, and complained like the seasoned bargain hunters they are. And sometimes my grandfather drove in the correct lane (don't tell him I said that please).

My next act of bravery was packing up both girls, by myself, and attending the baby shower of a good friend. I wasn't going to let Matt's shirking of parental responsibilities prevent me from celebrating the soon-to-be arriving wee Weiss, and mum and Brian needed a break from The Children, so off we went. It was chaos, as these things always are, but Alyce thoroughly enjoyed bossing Carmen around during the gift-opening, and Shira enjoyed eating stickers. Thanks, Carmen, for letting us crash your shower. Your belly is just perfect. Also, sorry about the two pounds of cake crumbs we left behind on the floor.

Last, but not least, my mother and I allowed my three-year-old to convince us that purple was the best colour for her new bedroom walls. Dark purple. Did I mention she's three? And choosing wall colour? But it makes her so happy.

I'd love to know how you spent your weekend. Did it fly by as quickly as mine did?

P.S. I'm watching Singing in the Rain for the first time ever. Oh, Gene Kelly, you're lovely.

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  1. Aw, I'm just seeing this now! Alyce was truly adorable (both girls were) and I loved having her assist me with the gifts! I still haven't been able to find her crown, but I'll keep looking. So wonderful to see you and thank you for making the trek out!! We would love to set something up when Matt's home so we can see the four of you and your new house. And to catch up on everything since I definitely didn't get to spend enough time with you on Sunday.