Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 518

Ok, so it hasn't quite been that many days since Matt left for Poland, but it feels like it. It will be four weeks this Friday, and then he'll return the following Friday night. I would like him to return sometime tomorrow morning, say around 5:00 am, when Shira usually starts her day. Matt could wake up with her and I could stay in bed. He'd make me french toast and coffee around 8:30 (having already fed and dressed Alyce), then after nursing Shira before her nap I'd go back to sleep. Oh yes, I'd like that.

But no, not yet. We'll tough it out another day tomorrow, and the day after that. We're figuring out own rhythm for the time being. It seems that as long as I feed her all day long, Shira is happy to support me in all of my daily tasks (especially the tasks that involve more eating). Alyce needs some extra patience from me (couldn't she just ask for my kidney?), but otherwise she is content to play outside most of the day. They are both tired of shopping, which we've been doing a lot of lately, and neither seem sufficiently impressed by the new couch we bought this week.

P.S. The mail strike FINALLY ended and mail delivery resumed today. I was so ready to finally receive Matt's postcards, and maybe those anniversary earrings he's been talking about, but all we got were two bills (fortunately not addressed to me). Really, Canada Post? That's all you've got for me? I'm so disappointed in you.

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  1. How about a picture of the couch? I, on the other hand, am sufficiently impressed.