Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I want*

 I want my husband to come home from Europe already.

I want to know how I'm supposed to react when my three year old hits me across the face, other than get really mad because, holy cow that hurts. That just happened tonight. Good times.

I want an entire day to myself.

Then I want to get all excited to see them at the end of the day when they come back to me.

I want Alyce and Shira to grow up and not want to wear all the skanky clothes (if they do in fact qualify as clothes) that have been showing up lately in the children's side of the store.

I want the transition of me going back to work to go well, and this means that Shira will need to enjoy fewer nursing dates.  This might be tough, as she's all boob, all the time right now.

But first I want to find a job.

I want to find a place for everything.

I want the days to stop running by me.

I want my move into the new house this weekend to be blissful and easy.

I want a lot of things today.

What do you want? Maybe we can work something out.

*Every time I type the words "I want," I can hear my mum reprimanded me as a child, reminding me that we don't want things, we would like things. Watch out, world, I'm breaking the rules.


  1. Sometimes I think we live parallel lives. And, yes, there are far more "wants" in my life than "needs." Well, most days anyway. The offer stands if you would like something shipped from the states. Ms. Anne

  2. I want more days to spend together (with &/or without the little ones!)