Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sorry, Monday, but Sunday had it going on

So that was big news. I had been thinking, very quietly, about picking up and moving back to Canada for a little while now, but I hadn't really said it out loud. But when I mentioned it to Matt it took him all of three seconds to say agree that it was a gone idea.

But more about that later. If I don't stop talking about moving I'll never get to tell you about the amazing Sunday I just had. In the rank of Sundays, it was definitely in the top two or three, after our wedding and maybe that really amazing Sunday brunch I had this one time. It was looking to be a good day from the minute it started, since it was only the night before that we had decided on Canada. I certainly awoke with a bounce in my step. I started the day by taking Alyce out for pancakes, just me and Alyce, and it doesn't get much better than listening to her chatter with a mouthful of pancakes. It was seven in the morning and the 24 hour IHOP that just opened up down the street (presumably to cater to hoards of drunk students at three in the morning) was completely empty. The food was terrible, but the company was divine.

My breakfast date was quickly followed by my escaping to Philadelphia for my first sewing class. All by myself. Without children. Just me. I can't remember the last time I drove for more than five minutes without a child in the backseat. Being the party girl that I am, I picked up a coffee and cranked NPR. My sewing class, inspired in part by one of my mother's thoughtful gifts, was incredibly fun. How could it not be at a store like this:

This is the fabric I chose for the reversible tote we're making over a two-week class. The walls of this store are lined with bolts of the most beautiful fabric I've seen, and we were given the task to choose any fabric we wanted for our first sewing project. I know I've faced some difficult decisions lately, but this was one of the toughest. I think I made a good choice. The class was taught by a woman with years and years of experiences sewing and designing textiles, and in addition to her being a very patient teacher, she reminded me of a wonderful friend I haven't seen in three years. She had the not only the same mannerisms, but seemed to possess the same general bad ass-ness as my friend. It was a lovely treat. I even bought the pattern for a dress I'm going to make for the Children. I'm sure it's way beyond my skills at present (that is, if it requires more technique than threading a machine), but by summer I'll be all over this pattern. I think you'll agree that this dress is adorable:

Image from Spool

Sunday got even better after my trip to Philadelphia. We had booked a sitter and had planned a date. An actual date. We don't do this very often (usually only when my mum is around to look after the girls), so this was a real treat. Alyce was over the moon at the possibility of showing off her room and baby sister to Carrie, our sitter, and Matt and I were over the moon about leaving the house alone. Everybody was winning! Dinner was fantastic, but my date was even better. We spent two hours making plans for our move, making each other laugh, and only talking about the Children for a few minutes. It was one of those nights we used to have all the time and that I had been missing lately. This needs to happen more often. It's good for me to be around such a handsome guy.

Like I said, it was a great Sunday.


  1. Dear Danielle - You DO win most days :-)
    Mazal Tov on making such a major decision.
    If you ever decide to change your mind about location...know that California is a wonderful place and sunny most days of the year.

    p.s., visiting that store for the sewing class sure seems to have been worth it. Did you really drive two hours to get there ? ;-)I am from Palo Alto...don't know much about the east coast.

  2. Hadas, thanks for all the good thoughts! We're both happy about Canada, though California does sound lovely. My good friend lived in Palo Alto for a few years and I was lucky enough to visit once, when I was pregnant with Alyce. Warm sounds nice right about now.

    And it only took me 45 minutes (in good traffic) to get to the sewing shop! It was well worth it, hands down.

  3. When you come home we'll have sewing parties!!