Monday, March 28, 2011


If you've been reading around here lately, you know that we're in the middle of an enormous transition. I left my graduate program and a potential career as a professor, Matt's three year postdoc is up here, and he has also decided to leave academia. And we've always planned on not staying in Delaware (we've never been on good terms). So what to do? Anything, we decided.

So we've decided to move back to Canada.

Unfortunately I can't continue this post because I'm too busy flying over the moon with excitement. I'm too busy celebrating our return to my family, our good friends, and universal health care. Alyce is also excited and has confirmed that she'd like to bring The Cats. And her toys. And Shira.

I'm sad to say good-bye to a few wonderful people I've met here, but this is the best decision for our family and I can't wait to figure out all the details. And there will be details, lots of them. Immigration for Matt, moving our household to another country, and, of course, finding new careers. But now that the decision has been made about the where of our family, figuring out the how seems much easier.

You'll be hearing more about this. I'm sort of excited.


  1. MAZAL TOV on making such a difficult decision. You are not alone in wrestling with such paradigm and professional shifts. Perhaps you can share more about your calculus: what about an uncertain future in Canada outweighs a more certain future in the US? I admire your courage!

  2. OH YAY!!! Can you move to Sudbury? :)

  3. Jonathan, we are really looking forward to seeing what Canada has to offer us. The problem for us was that there was no certainty in the U.S. either. We are both looking for new jobs whether here or in Canada. So, we'll see what happens now!

    Stacey, we're thinking more Toronto, but I hope we can visit;)