Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Day in the Kitchen

I didn't leave my mum's house today.

It was a lovely day, one of those stay-in-comfy-pants and cook and read magazines kinds of days. Matt gets a little anxious with all those lost hours of productivity (he likes to own the day, so to speak), but I think Alyce and Shira were into it. I know that I was.

But even if we didn't own the day, we did produce some excellent things:

1. Martha's Lamingtons. Mum has been making these for four years and while I was suspicious at first (I take my sweets very seriously), I ended up falling pretty hard for them. I think I even requested them in place of my usual birthday cake one year. Mum tells me that they are fussy to make but worth the work.

2. The best chocolate chip cookies Ever. Though they were intended to serve as hostess gifts over the next week, they likely won't make it out our door. None of us are perfect.

Tomorrow we'll tackle something else. Or we won't. We might be too busy eating.

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