Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Right, I Have a Blog

I had such high hopes, and I still do. After all, it is Monday.

Last week got away from me, I admit. It started with my going to bed at six-thirty on Wednesday. It turns out that it is hard to get things done when you're sleeping! And before I knew it we were packing up for the long drive to Canada, where we are spending the next ten days with family and friends. We are happy for the break and the good food and wine (and the the dates Matt and I wills surely sneak out for now that Nana is around for babysitting).

So I'm back, and here is what you missed last week:

Alyce getting ready for Shabbat.

Shira has finally gotten used to a bottle while I'm at work three mornings a week. And she seems to be enjoying her meal times with Papa.

Oh, these lips.

A twelve hour drive to Canada. With stickers.

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