Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Sunday Well Spent.

So it isn't technically the day after my last post, but why worry about technicalities. Who has the time to worry about such things when there are Halloween parades to talk about? I've mentioned before that Halloween is high on the list of the year's greatest days, and I'm hoping that my girls will come to enjoy it too. The smallish college town we live in has a decent Halloween parade every year and somehow I've lived here long enough to have attended three of them. We enjoyed the parade this year with some friends and one of my favourite small people, Finley the punk rocker.

This year, for the third year in a row, Alyce was dressed as a spider. The fact that Alyce still fits in her spider costume brings me great joy. I spent twenty dollars on this costume three years ago and I'm delighted that she can wear it again. And again. I've already signed Shira up as a spider next year and even imagined some future spider babies. This kind of delight is matched only by those moments I find a gas station selling gas five cents cheaper than the one down the street. Of course I'll spend a great fortune on a purse or good cheese, but saving 37 cents on gas is so very satisfying.

Alyce enjoyed herself, though she does not enjoy the loud noises that come with parades. We asked her a few times if she wanted to go home but she wanted to stay in spite of it all. This year, as an almost three year old, Alyce understood that the longer she stuck it out, the more candy she'd pack into her bag. I can respect that.

For the record, we sort of dressed up Shira as a blueberry, but she was too hot in her hat and ended up bundled in her carrier anyway. At five months I'll give her a free pass this year, but she'd better bring it next year in her spider costume.

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