Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm not the only one obsessed with princesses

So it seems there are other little girls smitten with princesses out there. I'm actually surprised there isn't a community support group available to help parents come to terms with the princess invasion, where we could lean on each others' shoulders and work through the pain. You know, just to know we're not alone.

This week Lynn Harris wrote a great essay about her own daughter's obsession. Maybe she's right, and our young daughters don't overthink princesses in quite the same way we do:
As Bess gets older, I may worry that the messages some of the princesses espouse, in some cases, are even more deleterious than the baseline “be decorative” — I’m looking at you Little, "I'll give up my voice for a man" Mermaid. But right now, I’m not sure Bess is getting any message from princesses other than “sparkly!" with which I cannot argue. Bess doesn’t even know what princesses do — I’ve asked — but she doesn’t know what the Secretary of State does either.
I can't let princesses off the the hook quite yet, sparkles or no. But princesses are indeed sparkly, and I can't blame a girl for loving sparkles.

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