Sunday, July 26, 2015

Things that made me hapy this week

 F Scott Fitsgerald

This post on productivity is based on the author's experience writing a book, but I think it applies to almost any goal. Things like anticipating obstacles, surrounding yourself with people you can lean on, and working slow would benefit any project, health goals included.

I had a few people ask me about writing lately, like how I often I write and where I find the time. My secret is that I miss bedtimes with the girlies most nights. I sneak out of the house to the closest coffee shop and grade papers (for the class I teach) and write for my blog. And next week I'm starting a blogging course, so that will get me writing even more. Want to join me?
I liked this post about simplifying your schedule, particularly the section on making choices based on your personal values and saying no to the rest. For example, I value my close friends (including those I don't see often enough), so I say yes to spending time with them. I'm also trying to schedule in some time to look after myself, and that's becoming easier and easier because I've made it a priority. But that means turning down invitations for other things and that's just got to be okay. We can't do everything.

And now for food, because really that's why we all really read the internet:

Are you looking for some new cookbooks? Here is a list for you.

Iced oatmeal cookies. Enough said.

Pasta with peaches and fresh mozzarella. 

It's been well over a year since I've made my own challah for Shabbat. I'd like to start making it again now that I'm on sabbatical, and this is my favourite recipe.

Enjoy the last bit of your Sunday! 

Be well.

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