Monday, July 13, 2015

It's Monday!

It's Monday! Let's get this week started.

Do you want an update on my sleep goals? It's been a rocky start. While I have managed to cool off my room to make it a more delightful place to sleep, my bedtime has not improved (except for one night, when I was in bed by ten and couldn't fall asleep until midnight). I even have an alarm set for my phone now, but so far I've just ignored it and kept on working/chatting/reading the night away. I've also brought my phone to bed with me a few times because, you guys, I'm addicted to reading blog posts in bed late at night. But I'll keep trying, because what else can we do but keep trying?

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with visiting friends and their new baby (the best), some shopping, paper grading, and splash pads. Speaking of splash pads, Matty and I had this moment today where we realized that we've entered a new stage of parenting, where all of a sudden the demands of very young children have transformed into a new independence. Like this morning at the splash pad, we lounged on a blanket under a tree and read our books while the girls splashed under sprinklers and ran around the playground. We were there for them when they needed us, but mostly we just enjoyed an hour together. These moments have been happening more and more and they are a treasure.

Our week is going to be a busy one, mostly because the girls and I are stealing away to a friend's cottage for three days and today we have plans to spend the afternoon at the Art Gallery of Ontario!

Here is my to do list for the week:

  • get some blood work done (it's my year of health after all!)
  • make some preparations for my fall teaching
  • put together a fun road trip bag to help entertain the kids while we drive the three hours to the cottage (I'm thinking some new markers, paper, stickers, books)
  • pack for the cottage!
  • email some friends I haven't seen in well over a year to organize a weekend away together
  • work on my sleep goals and not ignore my bedtime alarm (this might be hard at the cottage, but the other nights I am going to make getting enough sleep a priority).
What does your week look like? How are you keeping yourself entertained? What's on your list? I hope you have the best week.

Be well!

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