Monday, June 29, 2015

Ten things

1. The girls have taken to doing rock/paper/scissors for all disagreements, even in the grocery store upon trying to decide which kind of cheese strings to buy. Shira usually just throws out a "paper" and loses to Alyce's "scissors" every time. In the end we went home with both kinds of cheese, so we're all winners.

2. The cats and I have been enjoying some quiet time in the morning lately because Shira has been regularly sleeping in until almost seven (which of course now she never will again because I said this on the internet). I wake up the cats at six and we settle into the living room with coffee (for me) and creepy stares (them).

3. Summer vacation is already in full swing. Our days are filling with summer reading clubs at the public library, wading pools, ice cream, and snail collecting. And to think it isn't even July yet. The girls have a summer bucket list that I'll share this week, but a sneak peak reveals a hefty portion of ice cream.

4. Quitting smoking is hard! I'll report back on that soon.

5. This coming weekend the girls and I are spending the night on a houseboat with my mum and her husband. There will be fishing, campfires on deserted islands, swimming, and other summer-appropriate adventures.

6. This past Saturday Matty and I enjoyed a date night out (thanks, Liz, for watching the girlies!) and we were finished dinner and ready to come home by 8 pm. We managed to stay out until a respectable 9:30. We are old and married and loving it.

7. Shira is reading! It makes my heart grin.

8. I am going to be making this tonight (minus the peaches because they aren't in season yet).

9. Alyce and Shira, two girls who wouldn't know a vegetable if it came knocking on their door, are sprouting. They just won't stop growing. I guess macaroni and cheese is a health food after all!

10. The man sitting next to me at Starbucks (I'm out blogging grading papers for the class I teach) just caught a rather annoying fly in this fist. He was about to squish it when he declared that it wasn't nice to kill a living creature and subsequently walked outside to release it into the wild. I like him.

Be well!


  1. Put a big squirt of lemon juice in your pastry dough. I tried it once and will never do it any other way again. Summer baking must be contagious, I just made three apple pies this evening. One in the oven, two in the freezer.


    1. I've never heard of that, but I'm going to try it next. Summer baking is something I love to do, even though the heat of the day makes it an unfortunate time to turn the oven on to 350 degrees. But I'm a sucker for pie.