Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shall we reintroduce ourselves?

Hi there, I'm Danielle. 

You might recognize me from my previous roles as a regular blogger and occasional list maker. It's been awhile, hasn't it? As it happens, life got Busy. The kind of busy where I wasn't returning emails, wasn't home to tuck my girls into bed as often as I wasted to be, and was showering only every other day at best. It was the kind that kept me away from writing. But oh how I miss the writing.

Since January things have felt extra charged. Everything was changing, mostly for the good, and the mood in our house was an only slightly organized chaos. Shira grew up when we weren't paying attention. She's bossier than every, though less frightening now to unsuspecting children and elderly people (translation: she yells less frequently at complete strangers). She started daycare last week. Clears her own dishes from the table.

Yes, that's right. Shira now attends daycare. My teeny, tiny baby, who turns three next month, is now leaving the house each morning carrying a bumble bee backpack and a grin a mile wide. I have a lot more to say about daycare, but I'm not ready to yet. Once I adjust to this new reality I'll have some things to share, but until then let me tell you that as complicated as this development is, it also feels very easy. 

Having the days to myself allows me to work on my two jobs during the daylight hours without having to constantly negotiate with Matt and his work to cover child care. I won't have to pretend to work late into the night when I'm really falling asleep at my desk. I'm getting busier as a doula especially and it was time to take this step. And for the first time since December (otherwise known as the last day Shira breastfed), she is napping. It was time. It is time. Nevertheless I miss her terribly. 

And so I am returning after months of here-and-there posting. I love writing this blog and I'm so excited to have some more time to post here once again, if you'll have me. Things around here might even change a bit in the next few weeks, I think. So, until tomorrow, I leave you with some photos from the past few weeks. I hope you'll stop by and catch me up on what's been going on with you. 

Be well.

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  1. Of course I'll have you! I've missed you. City mouse and country mouse though we are, I suspect we may have been separated at birth. Love the grocery cart photo...their hair is breathtaking.