Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We took the city by storm

Poor sad blog. Completely ignored in the rush of some of the busiest months I've had in ages. Emotionally busy, physically busy, and the babies. So many babies! They have kept me busy in the best possible way. And then there's these two. But I have little time for catching up today. Instead I'll tell you about yesterday, when I took Shira on eleven different buses, streetcars, and subways.

This is my friend, Alex, in the beautiful red. She's also the one carrying my almost-three year old around Toronto. She's a fellow birth and postpartum doula, a knitter, and a lover of good coffee, so it's pretty obvious that we became friends. We have been brainstorming some exciting doula-related projects lately, which is why we found ourselves traipsing around Toronto on one of the coldest days of winter, with a baby on our backs. Alex is part of the community I was so looking forward to when we moved back to the city. I'm a lucky doula.

I'll share some of our projects as they continue to develop, but for now we are busying ourselves with preparations. Shira, too, is eager to throw herself snowpants-deep into the groundwork of building a new business. She was happy to be carried on and off buses and streetcars, to nap between appointments on Alex's back, and to enjoy a snack or three when we warmed ourselves up in different coffee shops across Toronto. If this isn't a commercial for wearing your baby, I don't know what is. We didn't have to schlep a single stroller on and off a streetcar. She snacked, napped, and bossed us around all from the comfort of our backs. (And no, it didn't hurt to carry her. She's only 26ish pounds and the Ergo carrier distributesher weight well.)

We have so much to catch up on and I'll do my best to return all week. For now I'll leave you with two fast friends. Shira is still mooning over Alex a day later, she had so much fun.

And how are you? I've missed so much.

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  1. I'm a fellow doula here in Ottawa, and excited to read about your projects! It's nice to hear you're still doing it with two kiddos - I recently had my second, and I'm a bit worried how my hubby will manage if I'm gone to a long birth.