Monday, February 25, 2013


This is about how I feel right now.

Someone stole my iPhone over the weekend. I am so naive. When I realized that I had left my phone in the washroom at my hair salon, I didn't rush back over to retrieve it; I was on a date with Alyce (she always joins me while I get my hair cut and usually tells me I look like a boy) and didn't want to leave our dinner to get cold on the table while we ran the few blocks down the street back to the salon. Because when you find someone's phone in the washroom at the hair salon you return it to the front desk, right?

Nope, evidently you steal it. I hate thievery.

There isn't much I can do and I just need to accept that I am now spending quite a bit of money on a new phone. I need one for my doula business, my camera, and I might as well just come clean and tell you that I'm addicted to Twitter (@mostdaysiwin, in case you wondered). I should receive my new phone tomorrow and so I will quit complaining soon, but not before I moan a bit about the loss of my photos. I hadn't uploaded my photos in a couple of days and lost some great ones. I have plenty of photos stored elsewhere but that doesn't stop me from wanting to show you that photo of Alyce and Shira dressed up as fairies (costumes over snowsuits), hiking through High Park in search of winter fairies.  But I can't, so instead I offer you a photo of Alyce taken last year around this time. She's clearly overcome by something, but I know not what.

Moving on. My weekend was filled with everything a weekend should be.

:: We had a quiet, but lovely Shabbat dinner on Friday. We'd had a long, tension-filled week, and Matt and I were both ready to snap. Actually, we did snap, but only had time to feel overwhelmed and cry (that was me, I'm a stress-cryer) for a few minutes, because Alyce and Shira were determined to welcome Shabbat with joy. It was one of the first times that Shira participated in saying the blessings and Alyce seems to have learned them by heart overnight.  It was just what we needed.

:: We joined the High Park Nature Centre for a nature walk in search of winter fairies. It was a great way to spend an afternoon, with the perfect mix of cheap ($2/person) and a great way to spend some time outside. Add in the fairy adventure and you had me at hello. They have nature walks every two weeks on Saturday afternoons, in case you're in the neighbourhood.

:: I held a snake for the first time and did not die. It was a garter snake at the Nature Centre named Snake, and he was sort of cute. I'd show you a photo of Snake but someone STOLE MY PHONE. (Sorry.)

:: Got my hair cut. I'm growing out a very short cut and I had waited as long as I could before buckling and getting a cut. Just a trim. A tiny one. Mostly mullet removal.

:: Shared a bottle of wine with a good friend. That's always fun.

:: Broke my tooth in half eating Doritos. That was less fun.

:: Spent a few quiet hours working and grading.

:: Watched the Oscars with another good friend (I'm blessed in the friend department) and consumed a delightful amount of sugar.

:: Made plans to give up sugar.

How was your weekend? Did you watch the Oscars? Did you also wonder why Kristen Stewart looked so mad?

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  1. I always wonder why Kristen Stewart looks so mad. All the time. Haha! Sorry about your phone. And your tooth. I haven't succumbed to phone-temptation yet (imagine that..I don't even have a cell phone...never have!) and would feel really vulnerable with all my stuff in one place. The messy piles of photos, address book, date book, camera, etc. on my desk is just so nice to look at. Hope you fill your new phone with awesome photos soon.