Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Here we are, finally

My body is aching and my feet have quit on me, but we're here. We moved. We've said a good-bye to my mum and stepfather (though we'll happily reunite again when we visit in a couple of weeks) and a hello to a new start in Toronto. The girls are for the most part holding up amidst the chaos, only every so often succumbing to the emotional meltdowns triggered by too much change and too many boxes. Alyce clings to her sunflower seedling, I cling the knowledge that one day soon the boxes will be unpacked.

Life continues as usual it seems, even though all we're doing is unpacking. I wish there was a pause button I could reach for so that all the deadlines and responsibilities of life would just give me a few days There's also a heat wave going on around us making my hair enormous and the packing all that much more uncomfortable. But none of that matters. We made it. Here we are. Of course there is so much to do still, jobs to start, routines to develop (I'm learning the hard way that routines are golden), kitchen layouts to plan. My instinct tells me to unpack! Organize! Work! Plan! But between the chaos and the heat wave, sometimes you just need to searching for snails instead, and so we give in. The boxes will wait.

I'll be back soon. Just let me unpack myself out of this box over here. Also, if anyone knows where the other piece to my coffee maker is, Matt would really appreciate it. Until then he keeps finding himself in line at Starbucks before seven in the morning. 

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