Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two things

1. One year ago today we moved back to Canada, the whole gang of us. It was a difficult move. It has been a difficult year. But. We've survived the past 365 days and even had some fun in the process. Since we moved last year Alyce turned four and started school, Shira turned two and started talking, and I have reconnected with CBC Radio (but I still miss you, NPR). I've talked enough about last year, though. Time to move forward.

2. Today is Matt's birthday. He is now 54 years old. Last year, because things were kind of nuts (see 1. above), I sort of forgot his birthday. Not completely forgot, but enough so that his day didn't feel special. To say that I like birthdays in an understatement comparable to saying that I sort of like baking, so I needed to fix matters this time around. Matt's crappy birthday last year (because that's what it was) will not be repeated this year. Now that he is 65 years old it's time to bring back the celebrations. Yesterday we had a family party with Alyce, Shira, and my mum, with a dinner that included steak, asparagus, and a very full glass of red wine. We shared chocolate pudding cake and ice cream for dessert and me and the girls showered Matt with homemade cards. Today, for his actual birthday, Matt and I are leaving the girls with mum and heading to Toronto, where we will have brunch with friends before heading to the Mets-Blue Jays game this afternoon. Matt cheers for the Mets, I'll support the home team, as is my duty as a Canadian.

This is a better birthday. And a better year.

HAPPY 68th Birthday, Matty!*

*His real age is closer to 36, but whose counting?

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  1. haha...I thought, wow, from the few pics I've seen of Matt, he looks GREAT for 54! Happy Birthday, and happy moving-on-into-the-next-hopefully nicer year!!