Monday, May 21, 2012

A good game

It was a good game and a good birthday. Most of all, it was an excellent date with my husband.

It's the end of the Victoria Day holiday here, and as soon as I run down the street and threaten all those hooligans with their lives for setting off fireworks in the vicinity of my sleeping babies, I'm heading to bed. What better to celebrate a queen than with some lovely quiet. She'd like the quiet, we all know that.

Happy Victoria Day, everyone! May it be filled with the quiet sounds of babies sleeping everywhere.

P.S. Do you know Karen Walrond? She had this to say about all the complaining going around on the internet, and I think you should read. I'm with her: I'm also calling bullshit (did I just swear again?) on the need to critique and complain about Every. Single. Thing. I have done my fair share of complaining and will continue, I'm sure, to share my complaints some days. But most days I'm here to laugh and maybe, just maybe, write down enough details so that one day when I'm old I can remember just how much fun all this is. Let's do this together.

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