Monday, April 2, 2012

My Monday tasks

My Monday plans:
  • Watch the final game of the NCAA "Will It Ever End?" March Madness game with my best guy. And by watch I mean sit next to him on the couch working on the computer, occasionally sitting through a replay every so often (because I just HAVE to see this), wondering why we are just watching Smash. (Update: Or, more to the point, wondering why we aren't just watching Smash).
  • Clean and vacuum our bedrooms.
  • Making plans to spend a day in Toronto later this week
  • *Smile at Shira as she plays kitchen for the first time.
  • Make minestrone and sharing it with Shira, who primarily just eats the white beans.
  • Work, work, work on my upcoming course (I start teaching in May)!
  • Begin planning our Passover meals (we're having a small seder at home the first night and then joining friends the second night).
*Ongoing task.

What are your plans? I hope you are having the best kind of Monday.

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