Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New routines

Alyce asked me yesterday if any of the Grand River ducks would like some of her stickers. I told her if they didn't want some of her stickers then they were cruel, soul-less creatures. Actually, I told her that we can't litter stickers in the river, but I wanted to say the other thing. It was a mild and un-January like day, and since we had some time between appointments in the afternoon (a doctor and a swim class), we took advantage of the opportunity to take a walk by the river.

This week is my first real welcome back to staying home with The Children during the day. I am doing some contract work that I can work on in the evenings and I've sent Matt out to find a job. I know from experience that looking for work takes a lot of time and energy, so I've given Matt the space to spend the days doing all the things one does to find work (researching positions, making contacts, submitting applications). He did that for me while he stayed home with Alyce and Shira, so now it is my turn. I have a good feeling about him, as though a really amazing opportunity is going to open up. He deserves it.

Isn't it strange trying to figure out if it's best to work and pay for daycare, or have one parent stay home with your children? Daycare is so much money (and difficult to find at all if you didn't get your name on a list years before), never mind the maneuvering to find care for Alyce before and after kindergarten on the days she's in school. Honestly, it makes my brain hurt. I know a lot parents both work because in addition to the income they enjoy the work they do (but I imagine it is still hard for  a parent to know that they're bringing home only a few hundred dollars after daycare costs). I know that one day this will be the case for Matt and I, but for the time being I'm going to stay home with these two while Matt works. I must admit: I love staying home with them. Even on days, like yesterday, when Alyce tried my patience and argued with me approximately 439 times, it was good to be here.

Today is a school day, so it's an even softer welcome back to home week for me. Shira is happy to be my sidekick, and even accepted my invitation for a hair cut (see her before and after pictures above). She is over the moon that my boobs I am home with her again and we're redeveloping a routine. So far today it involves a little cleaning, some cooking, trying on every hat and mitten in the house, and, this afternoon, a trip to return our library books. But for the time being, she naps.

Please keep it between us that Shira is sleeping with Alyce's unicorn.

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  1. This will be my last year of part-time work and I try not to think about my girls being with other caregivers more than with me. It just feels wrong. I keep hoping some miraculous thing will occur like a millionaire will demand to pay me to knit socks as slowly as I'd like or something like that to allow me to stay home just till they're all in school full time. :( So glad to hear you're able to keep your little ones so overjoyed just by being there with them. Because, really, that's all they want, isn't it?