Thursday, January 12, 2012

20 months

Yesterday Shira turned twenty months. I think you'll all agree that she is doing a fine job so far. All of these photos were taken over the past few days and I love them because they show all the parts of her that we love--the nursing, sleeping, bossy, playful, and silly little one. The only photo missing here is one for her beautiful smile, but that's only because she's usually smiling when she's up to no good, and there's no way she'd sit still long enough for a photo if she's got trouble to get into.

P.S. Alyce was this age when we decided to have a second baby (and we were pregnant a few weeks later)! Alyce seemed so big to us at the time, yet Shira seems so little. We aren't ready for a third yet, so maybe it's good that Shira isn't growing up too fast. Wait just a little more, Shira. Please.


  1. It's such a paradox...the joy and sadness of watching them grow.

  2. Beautiful girl, lovely momma :)

  3. I know, right? I want them to grow and enjoy new things, but holy cow I want them to stay little!

    And thanks, Tanya. It was really good to see you yesterday.