Sunday, December 11, 2011

We saw the butterflies

At the Butterfly Conservatory today, Alyce was a little disappointed that there were no pink or purple butterflies. She got over it. I told her to be grateful that we weren't with Papa packing up all of our things into storage. No matter how you spin it, we had the better deal.

Shira got down to business assessing the butterflies. She was immediately suspicious.

Alyce was telling me something important about butterflies, but I was too busy wondering where she got those eyes.

And then Shira thew all caution to the wind and then threw herself at the unsuspecting butterflies (if you look closely you can spot the butterfly snacking on an orange).

Alyce, always a generous sort, spent a most of her time building beds for the birds and butterflies out of fallen leaves and flowers. 

While Alyce was telling strangers about the butterfly beds she was making, Giant Monster Shira was preparing to crush a tiny Alyce with her Giant Monster fingers. And then eat her. 

As hard as she tried, Shira never did reach that turtle.

It was a good Sunday. How was your weekend? Do tell.


  1. Giant Monster Shira is re-enacting my favorite KITH sketch!

  2. Yay! You got it! I tried explaining the original Kids in the Hall sketch to Matt this morning, but he wasn't impressed. If only he knew.