Thursday, December 29, 2011

Five secrets

1. I religiously follow quilting blogs even though I know nothing of quilting needles and fat quarters. But I see these quilts, made by the hands of so many talented women, and I am inspired. The colours, the textures, the way I imagine it feels to tuck a child into bed at night under the weight of a homemade quilt, I love it all. I might even qualify as a quilting-stalker. I blame my childhood obsession appreciation of How to Make an Amerian Quilt. Also, I don't even own a quilt. I need help.

If you want to begin your own stalking, you can start here, here or here. Any other suggestions?

2. When I was eight I begged my mum to legally change my name to Priscilla. With respect to all the wonderful people in the world named Priscilla, I'm grateful that my mum denied my frequent requests.

3. I am Canadian and I hate hockey. I also prefer NPR over the CBC, detest Tim Horton's coffee, and I probably can't name more than four Canadian Prime Ministers. That being said, I do love Margaret Atwood, Canadian National Parks (and even spent some of my honeymoon in one of them), and saying sorry even when someone else bumps into to me at the grocery store.

4. Life is chaotic, my husband and I are both unemployed, but I still wish that we could have five or six children. Call me crazy, because clearly I am, but it's still what I want. Even on a day like today when Shira spent most of her energy trying to climb back in my womb, making it impossible to get anything done. Even still. Also, I secretly wish that I could homeschool my kids.

5. Last night I escaped Matt and The Children and spent the night drinking wine, eating salmon and bok choy, and devouring chocolate cake. I also devoured the company of two of my best girl friends and it was something else. Isn't it amazing how certain people restore you, nudging you to remember the things you love about yourself and the people who surround you?

Care to share your own five secrets? Or maybe just one?

Hope it's the best of weekends!

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  1. Oh I have lots of secrets that I consider sharing on my blog. Then something stops me. While I appreciate the appeal of "health food", and cook it for my kids...I'd jump on a bowl of Kraft dinner with a slice of white bread any day? Haha. I love your Canadian secrets...I agree re. Tim Horton's. And skating. My added shame is that my dad, at age 68, still teaches kids to skate/puck handle...and I can hardly stay on my feet. Sigh. Ditto on the 5 kids and homeschooling secret.
    PS LOVE your new header. What a creative viewpoint.