Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wee One

You might think with all this talk of school, that wee Shira has disappeared. But she's still here, growing, chasing her sister, and indulging in some celebratory ice cream (we all rejoiced in a good first day of school). She's changing so much lately, playing with her own babies, tucking them in the baby crib, marching around the house with favourite things in hand. She's not talking yet (except for calling Mama all day long, which I adore), but we can all see the understanding behind her eyes. I look at Shira and I see how she takes us all in, watches our every move, and then usually snuggles in for whatever ride we're on that day. 

No matter how utterly exhausting this all is, I really wish they'd stay little for just a bit longer.

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