Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our house, after school

We made it.

The whole gang of us showed up at her Kindergarten class at 3:30 yesterday. Alyce didn't see us right away because she was too busy listening to her teacher and lining up against the wall with her backpack. But when she did spot us she ran over immediately, throwing caution and classroom rules aside, and landed in my arms for the most intense hug I've ever experienced. She didn't say a word for a two or three minutes, just hugged. I could feel all the tension of the day, both good and bad, melt away. I was so very proud of her.

We celebrated the only way Alyce knows how: ice cream. Then slowly, very slowly, we learned about her day. Did you know that she's not allowed to go in the jungle (the woods around her school)? Did you know that she ate lunch at a big table with her friends? And that she walked in a long line to visit the school library? I'm glad to know these things.

Thanks, everybody, for all your good thoughts yesterday. I needed all of them.

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