Friday, September 23, 2011

Ten reasons I need to get back to work now

1. Because I need to pay rent. This is an important reason.

2. The employees at the local Starbucks have recently worked together to draft some legislation requiring that I stop referring to their coffee shop as "My Office."

3. I need a good reason to stop wearing That Old T-Shirt and Those Yoga Pants, because sheer will isn't quite enough.

4. My marriage is good. My marriage is strong. But even my marriage needs for me not to spend every waking moment with my husband. I think he is also drafting some legislation requiring that I finally find a job already, and that I stop referring to our home as "That Place I Never Leave."

5. Again, rent.

6. Because I'm pretty sure I'm eating/baking/eating my way through the pain of constant disappointment. I really need some co-workers upon whom to unleash my baking addiction.

7. I'm ready for a new challenge, especially now that I find myself in unknown, non-graduate-school territory. I've spent so much time giving thought to where I fit it, and now I need to give these thoughts some action.

8. So that we can begin saving for that vacation that we desperately need. And by vacation I mean without The Children and not to visit family. We love all of you, but we need some time away from life. Current vacation dreams include: England/Scotland, NYC, anywhere with a warm beach, anywhere that is not our house.

9. Even Alyce and Shira are sick of me. Actually, no they aren't. They would prefer to have me at their disposal every hour of the day to play princess, dress-up, hopscotch, and to nurse (Shira, that is). And for tea parties. And to randomly yell at me when I'm not bending to their will.

10. Because it's time to move forward.


  1. Good luck -- I'll keep my fingers crossed for you except when I'm typing (like now) or when I have to cook or turn the pages of a boardbook while reading to wee Bloom... then I have to uncross my fingers (sorry... I'll do my best... really!)


  2. Here's an you live in TO? Because we live in the country. We could do a long-weekend house swap sometime. You could come and rest in the pastoral beauty of a little farm and I could visit my brother in To without invading his little childless house. Think about it! You'd have to ditch your kids somewhere, but hey!
    I can't wait to find out what job you get...

  3. Thanks for the crossed fingers!

    And KGH, I wish we lived in Toronto! We plan to next year. Right now we are in Cambridge (where I grew up), which is one hour west of Toronto. I imagine you are looking for a house swap in the beautiful, non-big city of Cambridge. But if you are (of course you're not), I'm always up for that!