Wednesday, September 7, 2011


When Alyce tells me a story I always find myself wanting to capture her, just wrap her up and keep in my pocket for later. She throws her whole self into the telling, using great gestures, faces, and variation in volume. The rest of the world keeps moving while Alyce stands still in time, elaborating on, for example, how Cinderella is twenty years old and now to old for school, unlike Alyce, who is just the perfect age.

She is indeed the perfect age for school. This afternoon we are taking Alyce to her Junior Kindergarten orientation, where she will meet her new teacher and maybe introduce herself to some new friends. Unlike the rest of the world it seems, Alyce doesn't actually start class until next week. We are all very excited about this development, for all the reasons you might imagine (ranging from the educational all the way to some quiet at home). I loved school so very much and I hope with all my heart that Alyce does, too. Loving school helped me get through a lot in my life, even when things (school included) were difficult. Most of all I want Alyce to feel that magic I used to feel when I'd sit in a new classroom, just thinking about all the things I might learn.

Seriously, I'm not making this up. I really did love school that much. I still do. (Career graduate student, anyone?)

Good luck, Alyce!

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  1. I teach kindergarten, and can I just say that I have the BEST job in the world? We do three days of interviews (one on one, where I get to chat with each child and get to know them a bit). Their faces are so, so sweet and I feel so priveleged to have their parents entrust their sweet children to my care. I too loved school, and am keenly aware of the power I have to make their days at school lovely or hateful. I hope Alyce has a wonderful time at school, and gets to tell her stories there too! My Violet starts next week my class! Squee!