Saturday, September 10, 2011


I've been a bit down.

It's inevitable, I guess. Looking for work can be a rough business. I know I need to be patient, and I really am trying, but some days I would rather have a tantrum than be patient, and no one can take that away from me.

Did I mention that my husband is also not working (though for different reasons)? And that we're both home all the time? And that I love him very much but that we need some space every once in awhile? Yeah, that too. Poor Children, I think even they have had too much time at home with us. I think I saw Alyce trying to sneak out early for school. Sorry, little one, but school is closed on Saturdays.

But we're all good.  Amidst all the crazy and the sometimes-bored-at-home-ness, we pull through. I'm knitting more, thinking about unpacking those last few boxes (just thinking), and doing some reading (thank you, Tina Fey, for being hilarious). I'm also trying to proactively get my act in gear: less time moping at home and more time at the Farmer's Market (this morning), the Cambridge Fall Fair (this afternoon), and a yoga class (tomorrow). Like I said, we're good.

Except for Shira, who is teething. She's currently accepting donations of frozen melon, some extra-strength infant Tylenol, and a big foam hammer with which to chase her big sister (to help with the stress of it all). I'd include a photo, but she's too angry to even look at me.

P.S. We're fine. Really, mum.


  1. Oh. I had a blue fall last year. We still refer to it as "THE FALL"...I actually spent a lot of time alone in our bedroom trying to get away from all the things that bug me. It was a hard time for our family. It passed and I'm thankful every day. If you look in my archives from October/November of last year, you can read about is beautiful and it can also be challenging and exhausting. Wishing you well.

  2. Can you get teething granules there? A-maze-ing. Get some. I'LL SEND YOU SOME. They are magic spells in potion form.