Monday, July 25, 2011

Teething, for grown-ups

I mentioned a few months ago that, as part of my life list, I needed to get around to that root canal I've been avoiding. For me, a root canal is life list material because, a) I have the world's most terrible teeth no matter how hard I try and, b) I have been petrified of root canals since the seventh grade, when a friend of mine compared a root canal to the worst pain she's ever felt in her entire life. It was a powerful statement made by a twelve year old and I've let it follow me around for years. I've avoided necessary dental work for a long time now, mostly on account of the words of a child. Sure, I'll get my fillings done, and last year I even braved having a tooth pulled, but root canal? Just kill me now.

So this week, as my face throbs from my infected tooth, and as I panic about the root canal I have scheduled on Friday, I am reminded of some other powerful words I heard more recently. This morning, as I was complaining loudly on Facebook, my cousin Lisa reminded me to get over myself. After all, she said gently, you've given birth twice. Without drugs, I might add. And now I feel better, because seriously, that was hard. A root canal with freezing? I can handle that.

Thanks, Lisa.


  1. Lisa is completely correct. And also? The pain of a root canal is massively overstated. I've had many root canals, and they don't hurt any more than your average cavity. They take longer, and there's more shit in your mouth so it's more uncomfortable. But they don't hurt. And it will be such a relief to have your tooth pain taken care of! xoxox

  2. Thanks, Stacey. That makes me feel so much better. I can handle getting a cavity filled, and I'll bring something to listen to while I'm in the chair for 90 minutes.

    I suddenly feel so brave.

  3. music is a great idea :)
    you are brave :)